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We contact you behalf of our  customer  Ruth Penouel  Cosmetics  in order to establish for MS Penouel overseas relationships which lead to export  Israeli  cosmetics overseas.

Ruth Penouel  cosmetics  was funded in 1982. Ruth Penouel, the founder of the company studied the secrets of natural cosmetics at the Ecole Suerieur De Cosmetique in Paris, France, under the administration of the dermatologist Prof. Claude Jolie.
After graduating, Ms Penouel joined the teaching staff of the school. The RP Cosmetics Company Applies the concept of developing product-lines made of natural products.
Those products suit the lifestyle of the modern woman by providing her with a personal and focused skin treatment according to the skin condition and her lifestyle.

In addition to its cosmetics lines, the company has developed a specialized line for the treatment of Acne. This line was successfully tested on adolescent boys and girls in both France and Israel. Thanks to their affective treatment of adolescents with extreme Acne problems, these products are being used by several hospitals in Israel.
Ruth Penouel Cosmetics is offering lines of cosmetics and make-up products designed to provide maximum results in the shortest time, while keeping their prices attractive.
The company products are developed from the perspective and understanding that wrinkles, dryness aging and wearing-out of the skin affect not only the look of a person, but also his or her health.

Ruth Penouel Cosmetics products are marketed in Israel, Canada, French, Belgium, and Switzerland. The company updates and renews its product-line constantly with the assistance of the best experts in the field of cosmetics and dermatology. Our products are in a high level of quality, very exclusive and can be found only in the best and reliable stores.

Since we are looking to expand the business,   having new customers to export our products.
We ask for your assistance in developing and expanding our export connections.

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