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About us

M. Fridman - H. Gold, Law Firm was founded in 1992 by Moshe Fridman Adv. and Hanan Gold Adv. and currently employs 12 workers. Attorneys Moshe Fridman and Hanan Gold are former Police Officers who have tackled prominent fraud cases in the course of their service. Since their retirement and establishment of the Firm, they have handled some of the most high profile cases of the recent decade in the field of money laundering and white collar crimes, and the Firm is regarded among the most distinct law offices in Israel in the field of criminal law.

The Partners

Attorney and Notary

Born in Lithuania (1946), married +3.
A member of the Lithuanian Bar since 1971 and a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1984.
Among the most senior criminal law attorneys in Israel, specializing in white collar crimes.
Between years 1974-1986 - served as Head of the Investigation Team in the National Unit for Fraud Investigations, at the rank of Superintendent. Guest legal commentator on TV shows both in Israeli and foreign television channels. Hosts a radio show on "Kol Israel" that discusses legal issues. Moshe Fridman Adv. is fluent in the following languages: Hebrew, Russian and Lithuanian.

In recent years, the Firm has been focusing on the field of International Commercial Law and represents in Israel and abroad multinational companies, institutional and governmental bodies in Israel and overseas, foreign investors and Israeli and foreign capital owners, and operates in the EU states, throughout the countries of the former soviet Union, the Baltic states, as well as in the USA.

Over the years the Firm has accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of International Commercial Law and has established close ties with regulatory bodies both in Eastern and Western Europe, as well as with various Israeli and European capital owners throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and within Jewish communities.

The Firm provides services of legal and strategic consultancy and accompaniment, representation and establishment of projects. The Firm represents numerous international corporations and entities, from the Israeli business sector, in infrastructure-oriented projects and enterprises overseas and across the post-Soviet States.
The Firm accompanies its clients by way of regular consultancy for all the procedures required in such type of business transactions, including the establishment of deals, taxation, corporate and finance laws and drawing contacts.

Attorneys Fridman and Gold are renowned among the population of Israelis that had emigrated from the CIS, and serve as advisors and commentators in the Russian and English language media both in Israel and overseas. The Firm provides its services (at a native tongue level) in the following languages: English, Hebrew, Russian and Lithuanian.