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Fields of Practice

Legal and Financial Knowledge with a Business Orientation

M. Fridman-H. Gold' stands out as a deal-maker.
The Firm's motto is: The Lawyer should rendr the best service possible to his client by providing solutions and not just pointing out the difficulties and problems, and to set the stage for the client. The Firm initiates deals and establishes them, while constantly maintaining the representation, success and good of the client. The Firm employs attorneys that specialize in International Commercial Law, international taxation, international trade risk insurance, credit, factoring, international sales and purchase agreements, financial offenses and money laundering, corporate laws and notary services.

Risk Management during Crises

We believe that times of crisis evoke business opportunities that pose a challenge to the Firm's clients.
Our familiarity with the international markets enables us to identify an opportunity and accompany our clients throughout the contractual relations. One of the most significant advantages of the Firm lies in our ability to manage the risks of our clients, while examining the conditions of the field in terms of investments, and managing crisis situations in a business environment. The Firm advocates the method of economic law, by way of an educated calculation of the risks and chances involved. The current crisis poses a challenge for the Firm's clients, as well as an opportunity for those who act wisely.

International Commercial Law

Since its foundation, the Firm has been engaging in two primary fields – International Commercial Law and Financial and White Collar Crimes. The Firm does not only provide comprehensive legal services but also acts as a promoting factor for initiatives between Israel and other countries, including the establishment of deals, taxation, corporate and finance laws and forming contacts.
Following the business world's transformation to a small global village, the Firm has adapted itself to the ever-changing international business arena and, since the 1990s, has been providing commercial legal consultancy, among others for purposes of international investments and transactions, from the stage of contractual relations and onto response to issues of regulation and finance, and execution of deals.

International Taxation

Creating a synergy between the client's business activity and international taxation methods. The Firm knows how to coordinate the business procedures and possesses the knowledge to identify countries whose taxation advantages may benefit the deal and the client.

Strategic Consultancy for Business Procedures ....

The Firm accompanies its clients from the stage of the primary initiative to the conclusion of the deal, while placing emphasis on providing the adequate and correct solution. The process of accompanying a transaction entails an in-depth examination of the most appropriate legal entity that is to be established in the target country, international taxation and insurance considerations, etc.

Due Diligence

A comprehensive due diligence inquiry into the Company's activity, throughout the negotiations, from a perspective that optimally coincides with the requirements of the client and the provisions of law. Establishing and adapting the type of trust, while ensuring total conformity to the laws and regulations of the international legal system and focusing on taxation factors and money laundering laws.

Establishing International Trusts

Accommodating and establishing the type of trust, while ensuring full compatibility with the laws and regulations of the international legal system and focusing on taxation factors and money laundering laws.

Money Laundering

Money laundering has recently become a matter of considerable gravity; the new legislative system is complex and obliges every international company to scrutinize the compliance of its financial actions with the provisions of local and global laws. Such accommodations must take into account the work with the Compliance Officers in the financial institutions, whose role, among others, is to ensure corporate compliance with statutory requirements and prevention of money laundering.

International Real Estate

Over the years, the Firm has gained considerable professionalism in accompanying real-estate deals in the emerging markets, whereby all aspects of the deal undergo a comprehensive examination, respective of the target country and the pertinent legal system thereof. The Firm maintains prolific contacts with professional bodies in the target countries.

Non-Bank Finance, International-Trade Risk Insurance, Credit and Factoring

In contrast to Israel, the majority of the financial market in the USA is financed by non-bank financing, while in Israel it is the opposite. When a 'rainy day' comes, the financial market transforms as the banks are hesitant to grant funds. It is a known fact that in times of crisis, banks reduce their credits for fear of taking redundant risks, and therefore non-bank financing, with its various derivatives (credit insurance, factoring, etc.) increases its relative share in the financial market, and is projected to grow in this period of time. The Firm offers a variety of financing solutions, in accordance with the requirements of the specific client and/or the specific transaction.

Civil Aviation Laws

The 11th of September, 2001 had changed the world in general and international civil aviation in particular. One of the implications of this change was the increasing significance attributed to private civil aviation and the greater demand for business/private jets and their consequent proliferation. Given the nature of our clients, we have developed a specialization in Business Aviation, including aircraft appraisal, economic advisability, maintenance, insurance and operation. We provide legal advice inasmuch as the matter pertains to sale and purchase of aircrafts, their operation, insurance and maintenance, and all aspects thereof.

Business in Post-Soviet States

In recent years, the markets of the former Soviet-Union have begun awaking from their long sleep, and the emerging markets of Russia and its neighboring countries are currently in rapid development and thus constituting attractive objectives for investors.

These economies are gradually becoming dominant factors in the global economy, and not without merit; yet for foreign companies, the post-Soviet States are often regarded terra incognita.
M. Fridman - H. Gold, Law Firm offers groundbreaking and innovative thinking and foresight, combined with in-depth acquaintance with global markets, international contacts and tax and commerce-oriented legal knowledge.

One of the most prominent advantages of the Firm is its familiarity with the business mentality, the bureaucracy and history of these States. M. Fridman & H. Gold has been operating in these Countries for over twenty years now, in the course of which it has accumulated extensive knowledge and prolific connections, by virtue of representing foreign investors in Israel, with regard to financial interests and legal activities, and accompanying transactions in the former Soviet States, from the stage of initiative to indentifying worthy partners and execution of enterprise.

Over the years, the Firm has been "importing" capital owners to Israel and representing their interests.
Following the recent accelerated economic development in the former Soviet States, the Firm has also been accompanying Israeli corporations and companies in their business activities there. One of the advantages of the Firm lies in its knowledge and experience in identifying market demands in the former Soviet Union and/or when the markets are saturated, how to open up a bridge and when to remove obstacles en route to forming international deals.