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M. Fridman - H. Gold & Co Law Firm

A Tradition of Innovation and Loyalty

M. Fridman & H. Gold is a commercial law firm that specializes in International Law.
For over 20 years, the Firm has been representing corporations and capital owners trading between Israel and the rest of the world, including the post-Soviet States.
The Firm possesses extensive knowledge in the realms of commercial law, international taxation and money laundering prohibition laws, and has accumulated considerable experience in crisis management of a business environment.

The Firm maintains contacts with power hubs, influential persons and major corporations throughout the post-Soviet States, Central Europe and North America, and provides its clients with legal and strategic consultancy services.
The Firm has gained considerable experience in accompanying enterprises and projects at the professional-legal and business levels, starting from identifying deals, locating investors and execution thereof.

The Firm specializes, among others, in monetary control and international taxation laws, financial offenses, land and real estate in Israel and overseas, infrastructure laws, international transactions and risk management, as well as in business entrepreneurship across the states of the former Soviet Union.